DIY Max Crown Pinata


It's impossible to find where the wild things are themed pinatas!

I'd like to help my customers with their wild problem. Here are detailed instructions on how to make your own max crown pinata. It's pretty simple and hard to mess up too bad. Very little supplies, inexpensive and should take just an afternoon to complete.

You can use general size streamers, but using the 60 gram crepe folds will make this project go ten times quicker. You can purchase your crepe folds here. They are just over $1 each. I purchased brown and gold yellow colors. You'll want to get one brown and two gold yellows for the size I made. 15x15x10 crown.


You want to mark your crepe folds every two inches.

Cut into two inch strips


Fringe one side of the strips with scissors two thirds the way up.

I got an inexpensive box at walmart. The cheaper the box, the easier it will be for your little wild ones to break open. I used a box that was 15x15x15 because I was making this for a customer and knew I needed it to fit in a 16x16x12 box. So making it a bit smaller was neccessary. But you can choose any size you want. Use the following measurement instructions based on my 15x15x10 crown pinata model.

I cut the box edges (flaps) off and each 15x15 side.

Dividing 15 inches across into 3 parts (for crown peaks) = 5 inches.

I wanted to go nearly halfway down for the peaks, so I chose to measure 6 inches from the top.

Find your peaks by finding the halfway point (2.5 inches) and used the edge of my ruler to form straight lines from the 2.5 inch across mark to the 6 inches down mark to create the peaks of max's crown.

Make your marks and cut.

This next part is the trickiest step. You're gonna want to give up. But don't! It'll be over quickly. I promise!

So, you need the cardboad flap edges for this next part. Mine was 10 inches wide so I left it at that width (I enjoy comforming to conviniences).

You want to line up your extra edges along the crown peaks. Draw your marks and then gently use your box cutters to make shallow cuts that keep the cardboard together but allows for the cardboard to be folded around the turns and curves of your crown.

You will want your cuts to be made on the outside part of the cardboard that will fold, otherwise your board will want to turn the opposite direction. You can really mess up this part if you do it wrong. So think things out before you cut.

Begin taping the sides to your front crown.


Don't be afraid of overlapping to make assembly easier.

I would have done this party differently. I used packaging tape. You should use wide Masking Tape instead. It's strong enough to hold the cardboard together but weak enough to break when taken a bat to it.

This next step is crucial to the success of your max crown pinata. Find a kitten to crawl inside before full assembly for testing. This is for non-religious purrrification reasons only.

I didn't tape the bottom long sides knowing that it needed some help in being able to break easier. It won't effect the strength of he pinata. The candy it'self can't push through. But if you use masking tape like I told you to, then you should be good with taping all sides.

Spray paint your crown yellow to help make sure it has a clean gold yellow look after attaching the fringe crepe paper with no cardboard showing through.

Start from the bottom and work your way up with your fringed crepe strips. I used liquid elmers glue to attach the crepe. I don't have the patience for squeezing glue out of that tiny hole, so I used a paint brush system. And eventually moved up to a large sponge brush to get the project moving more quickly.


I did 5 or 6 rows of the brown before going on to the gold yellow.

When I got to the peaks, I just kept glueing and attaching all across and trimmed access afterwards.

Remember when I told you to not worry about overlapping? This is an area I overlapped the cardboard while assembling. So I cut the extra cardboad bit off for the opening to put the candy inside. If you try to make the opening at the beginning, it might hurt your head in the overthinking every little move. It's easier to cut a space after the assembly of the shape of the crown.

Stuff it with some seriously wild goodies! And seal with some hot glue or push in untill it stops popping up.

We have to make this bad boy hang.

I used a thick gaged needle and jute cord to attach a loop for hanging.

And you are DONE!!

This project would work in any color for multiple types of crowns. Make it pink and throw some glitter on it for a girls princess party!

I hope you found this blog post helpful!


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