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DIY Felt Max Crown

How to DIY your own felt max crown


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DIY Custom Chalkboard Sign

Hey there! I want to show you how I made this DIY Chalkboard sign. It super easy and too cute not to show off. Plus this is an awesome resource to learn how to make any kind of sign yourself!

I bought this pack of two black canvas's from Michaels. They come in all different sizes and mimick a chalkboard pretty well. Buy here


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Icecream Cone Rice Crispy Treats Tutorial

Icreamcone Rice Crispie Treats


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Gold Dipped Feather Garland

DIY Gold Glitter Dipped Feather Garland

Supplies you need:

Small paint brush



Glue or modge podge

String and Needle

DIY Marquee Light up Letters

This is a easy step by step tutorial on how to make your own Marquee letters for under $30

This darling couple hired me to make them their Marquee letters for their wedding in France. They used 24 inch ampersand to pose for and their initials at the reception (see more photos at the end of the tutorial)

Supplies you need for this project:

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