Customized Fringed Backdrop Streamers

Item Description

I'm sorry this item is currently sold out. You can purchase the DIY set for less at this custom listing:

Kit is the same product, but with the pre-cut materials, tools and pictures instructions to assemble yourself. Thank you!



This listing is for my clients to customize their streamer sets

Options include metallic and crepe paper colors

You choose how many garlands you want and the length of each garland. Choose as many colors as you would like and one metallic or none.

Each garland is cut into geometric chevrons to vary in length and pattern. Patterns are chosen randomly to make each strand different than the rest. Garlands are reversible for optimal color and texture variety choices.

Depending on how far you space each garland strand, here is a good estimate to follow when ordering:

4 garlands- 3 feet tall

6 garlands - 4+ feet tall

8 garlands- 5+ feet tall

10 garlands- 6+ feet tall

12 garlands- 7+ feet tall

15 garlands- 9+ feet tall

Garlands can be used as layered backdrops, vertical garlands and balloon fringe.

Garlands can easily be hung with strong tape, glue dots, tacks or double sided craft tape.

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